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Name: Linda Hansen
Company: Paperless VA
Mission & Purpose: to help free up time to do what you do best
Primary Goal: to help you establish and grow your business. Your success is my success.
What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?


A Virtual Assistant provides tech skills often needed in smaller companies and performs tasks that can free up time for company leaders to focus on growth and expanding sales and services.


A VA is a professional like your accountant, executive coach or plumber and may perform services ranging from administrative to marketing. Linda Hansen, Founder of PVA, works as an independent contractor, requiring only a 1099-Misc at tax time.


5 Reasons to Hire a VA


  1. Engaging a VA may be far less expensive for your company than hiring a full or part time "employee"

  2. A VA supplies their own office space, supplies and equipment

  3. No need to do withholding or file payroll taxes; employment taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, etc

  4. Requires no paid time off, health insurance, etc.

  5. VA services are tax deductible!

6 Ways to Partner with PVA
  1. Someone to keep an eye on your bottom line; Bookkeeping, spreadsheets, financial scorecard, charts and reports

  2. Website/Blog design & management; help your customers find you

  3. Help with implementing new technologies; stay ahead of the pack

  4. Social media marketing; maintain a relationship with your customers

  5. Built in business coach and fellow entrepreneur

  6. Someone that "has your back" when you're away from your desk



Linda Hansen is a Certified ProAdvisor for Quickbooks Online, as well as having several years experience with Quickbooks Desktop, Freshbooks and Wave. Please see my bookkeeping page (here) for more details about about financial services and pricing. Contact me here to set up a discovery call and see how we might work together. If we're a good fit, I'll review your financials, determine the state of your books and create a personalized Scope of Work document and pricing for your consideration. 


Websites and Social Media


Small businesses with limited advertising budgets can get broad exposure with a simple website, some social media marketing, and an engaging blog.

PVA can help by:

  • designing and managing websites (Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress)

  • posting client blogs and videos

  • broadcasting email announcements

  • designing and distributing newsletters

  • schedulingm  social media posts

  • proofing and editing blog content

  • expanding current services and reach

  • maintaining email list

These activities help build a solid customer base with whom the client company maintains an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship. This is NOT old-style telemarketing or unsolicited mail. Social Media Marketing is a two-way street where you're providing valuable information, education or advice, and your followers are responding with interest, trust and engagement in your company.

Why the name Paperless VA?

While working in healthcare, I helped implement environmentally sound, sustainable purchasing practices. Aside from sustainable food and farming practices, much of what we were able to accomplish had to do with reducing the office paper and single-use plastic supplies used in the health system. 


To continue the work on my own, my goal for Paperless VA is to create an "environmentally friendly" business, which partly means striving for a "Paperless" office. Don't worry, I won't force my views on you, but if you're interested in making a difference, you, too, can have help save the earth by:

  • Printing to PDF file vs. Paper (no more messy file drawers)

  • Proofing/editing documents on screen

  • Marking up documents on screen

  • Sharing documents via Dropbox or other Cloud services vs. print

  • Scanning documents to file vs. copying/printing

  • Providing free cloud storage/backup for clients

  • Using email vs. snail mail

  • Going "Paperless" at all banking and billing sites

  • Shredding & composting sensitive documents

  • Recycling all other office paper that can't be composted

  • Encouraging others to think twice before printing!

Best of all, my office is entirely run on clean, solar electricity!



Website Design

Blog Publishing

Social Media Marketing

Graphic Design

Contact Management

Class Handouts




Financial Reports

Remote Bookkeeping

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